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Homeschool Speech Therapy?

    If your home-schooled child has speech problems or language delays, you might be wondering if speech therapy is even an option. Thankfully, the answer it “YES!”.

    Public Options

    While public schools may offer speech therapy for qualifying children, homeschooling parents often aren’t eligible for these services. You need to know the laws of your state before pursuing homeschool speech therapy from your local school district.

    Many colleges and universities offer speech services at reduced cost or even free. Each school sets their own requirements and cost structure, so be sure to contact multiple schools to determine what works best for your family and your child.

    Private Options

    Private speech therapy can be an effective option that doesn’t require you to interact with your state or local school board. It is generally more flexible than a public option; offering in-home therapy and even teletherapy where appropriate. Our Resources page lists options for private speech services.

    Costs of homeschooling speech therapy

    Getting Speech Therapy for a child at a reasonable cost is possible when homeschooling. You have several options for, including in-clinic, in-home, and teletherapy visits. You should research which options are the best for your child. Children are often most comfortable in their own home, and that is usually the most expensive option because the therapist needs to account for travel time, bring their therapy resources with them, etc. In-clinic therapy can be affordable; you’ll want to find a clinic in your area. We have found that teletherapy can be convenient, and may be necessary in very specific situations (times of sickness, long distances, etc.), but it is not a good alternative for long-term effective therapy with a child. The speech therapist needs to be able to see your child’s face, mouth and throat, and hear your child’s speech clearly. They also need to be able to demonstrate sounds and practices – teletherapy can make all of this difficult.

    Your health insurance plan may cover speech therapy, so be sure to contact your provider to learn what your options are there. Not all speech clinics accept insurance so you’ll want to ask them up-front when contacting a speech clinic for any services.

    Is it effective?

    Homeschooling speech services can only be conducted by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists, so the level of care should be identical to what your child would receive in other settings. That is not to say that all speech clinics are the same though, so you’ll want to be involved in your child’s therapy.

    • Ask questions as they come up.
    • Don’t be afraid to let your child’s therapist know if you don’t understand something.
    • Let your child’s therapist know if you are concerned with your child’s progress at any point.
    • Practice with your child. Like anything else, homeschool speech therapy is only as effective as the work you and your child put into it when not in the therapy section. Your child’s speech therapist should be assigning regular “homework”. Your child’s progress will be greatly impacted by your involvement!